Elisabeth Moss Teases Hope for Invisible Man 2


– Elisabeth Moss hinted at potential logistical issues for Invisible Man 2.
– Moss expressed hope for the future of the sequel.
– Director Leigh Whannell and Moss are working towards a solution for the sequel.

Elisabeth Moss has given fans of The Invisible Man movie hope for a possible sequel in the near future. In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Moss addressed the logistical challenges of filming a second installment, but also expressed optimism about the project moving forward.

When asked about the potential follow-up to The Invisible Man, Moss acknowledged the obstacles that have come in the way of making it happen. However, she also reassured listeners that there is progress being made behind the scenes. Director Leigh Whannell and Moss seem to be committed to bringing a sequel to life, despite the hurdles that they may face.

The Invisible Man, released in 2020, was a critical and commercial success, earning praise for its modern take on the classic H.G. Wells story. Moss’s performance as a woman tormented by an invisible stalker was widely acclaimed, adding to the anticipation for a possible continuation of the story.

While details about the plot of The Invisible Man 2 remain scarce, the prospect of a sequel is already sparking excitement among fans. Moss’s comments on the podcast have provided a glimmer of hope that the project is still in the works, even if it may take some time to come to fruition.


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