Henry Cavill’s ‘Highlander’ Reboot from ‘John Wick’ Director Moves Forward


Lionsgate’s long-awaited reboot of the iconic ‘Highlander’ franchise is finally moving forward, promising to breathe new life into the saga that has captivated fans for decades. The project, first teased in 2021, has now firmly attached Henry Cavill, known for his roles in “Man of Steel” and “The Witcher,” in the lead role, ushering in a new era for the franchise.

Set to be directed by Chad Stahelski, the filmmaker behind the thrilling ‘John Wick‘ series, this reboot is poised to be a high-stakes, big-budget endeavor, surpassing $100 million. Stahelski himself has hinted at a potential trilogy, suggesting that this reboot could be just the beginning of a much larger cinematic journey. The screenplay, penned by Mike Finch, promises to retain the heart of the original 1986 film while exploring new territories within the rich Highlander universe.

At its core, the ‘Highlander’ story, with its blend of fantasy, action, and immortal warriors, has always been about the eternal struggle for power and survival, themes that resonate just as strongly today as they did in the 80s. The original film, though initially met with mixed reviews, gradually ascended to cult status, spawning sequels, spin-offs, and television adaptations. With Cavill at the helm, the reboot aims to capture the original’s allure, layering it with contemporary sensibilities and the promise of fresh, exhilarating swordplay, reminiscent of the ‘John Wick’ franchise’s adrenaline-fueled action.

As the film industry awaits the commencement of production in 2024, anticipation builds for what could be a revitalizing chapter for ‘Highlander’. With its rich lore and devoted fanbase, the reboot holds the potential to not only honor the legacy of the original but also expand its mythos for a new generation of viewers. As details continue to emerge, it’s clear that this project is more than just a nostalgic revival – it’s a bold reimagining of a beloved story, ready to be retold with modern flair and an eye toward the future.

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