The Beekeeper Review: Ayer Gives Us Hives


In “The Beekeeper,” directed by David Ayer, the film’s aspirations to meld the action and vigilante genres under a thematic umbrella of justice and revenge fall short of their potential. Despite the presence of a seasoned action star like Jason Statham, the movie predictably struggles under Ayer’s direction to maintain a cohesive narrative and thematic depth.

The film’s main downfall is its lack of focus. Instead of developing a tightly woven story, “The Beekeeper” branches into multiple subplots that dilute the central theme. The inclusion of FBI agents Verona Parker and Matt Wiley, while intended to add complexity, instead feels like a diversion from the main storyline and fails to contribute meaningfully to the film’s overarching message.

Moreover, the character development, particularly of the antagonists, is superficial. While talented actors portray them, their characters lack depth and nuance, coming across as caricatures rather than believable villains. This weakens the overall impact of Statham’s quest for revenge, as the adversaries he faces do not present a compelling challenge.

The action sequences are, at times, overly reliant on genre clichés. They fail to bring anything new or innovative, making the film feel like a retread of familiar action tropes rather than a fresh take on the genre.

Additionally, Ayer’s direction misses the opportunity to delve into the more profound societal issues hinted at in the film. The narrative touches on systemic corruption and the pursuit of justice in a flawed system but shies away from exploring these themes in depth. This results in a shallow and unsatisfying experience, failing to engage the viewer on a deeper level.

“The Beekeeper’s” lack of narrative focus, underdeveloped characters, and reliance on action clichés prevent it from achieving any heights it could have reached with its intriguing premise. Instead, it feels like a collection of action scenes strung together without the necessary substance to make it a memorable or impactful addition to the genre.

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RATING: 2.0 out of 5.0

The Beekeeper is now playing in theaters.

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  1. High Beam says:

    ayer sux

  2. Alpha says:

    this movie was so dumb. love the bro telemarketer office

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