What If…? Season 2 Review: Shaking Up the MCU


Marvel’s “What If…?” Season 2 dives into the multiverse with a zesty blend of wit and inventiveness, taking its audience on a rollercoaster of alternate realities. At its core, the show, narrated by the omniscient Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), retains its essence from the first season. It continues to playfully twist beloved MCU narratives, offering fans a glimpse of the ‘what could have been’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This season, the star-studded voice cast returns with notable enthusiasm. Tom Hiddleston transforms Loki into a theatrically tragic figure, while Cate Blanchett savors her role as Hela, joining forces with the Mandarin and his Ten Rings. Jon Favreau’s portrayal of Happy Hogan stands out, particularly in the two most compelling episodes. One transports the Avengers to the Elizabethan era, a nod to Neil Gaiman’s 1602 comics, and the other, a delightful “Die Hard” homage with Happy Hogan defending Avengers Tower.

Perhaps the season’s boldest move is introducing a new character, Kahhori, a Native American hero voiced by Devery Jacobs. This episode, distinct in its narrative and direction, provides a refreshing change from the usual formula, exploring themes beyond the simple flip of good and evil. However, it doesn’t entirely capture the intrigue as expected. It’s also not truly in the spirit of ‘What If…?” and feels like it would be better as its own standalone introduction.

The overarching narrative, a staple of the first season, makes its return, albeit feeling somewhat rushed. Captain Carter, portrayed by Hayley Atwell, emerges as the season’s primary focus, but the climactic showdown and the revelation of the primary antagonist seem hurried and underdeveloped. The brief sojourn into the 1602 universe leaves viewers wanting more, hinting at untapped potential.

Despite these shortcomings, “What If…?” Season 2 shines as a continuation of its predecessor. It plays to its strengths, offering witty and inventive takes on established Marvel lore. The series, a beacon in a year of uncertainty for the MCU, proves there’s still much to explore and enjoy in these alternate timelines.

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“What If…?” Season 2 reminds us of Marvel’s creative resilience. It’s a series that entertains and invites its audience to ponder the endless possibilities within the Marvel Universe… and the only multiverse we want to see continue!

RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0

What If…? season two is now streaming on Disney+.

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