Rebel Moon Part One Review: Style Over Substance in Zack Snyder’s Space Saga


“Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire,” Zack Snyder’s latest foray into sci-fi epics, is a cinematic puzzle that dazzles and bewilders audiences. At its core, the movie is an extravagant homage to space operas, brimming with bombastic action and grandiose visuals that are Snyder’s hallmark. Yet, beneath its glossy surface, “Rebel Moon Part One” struggles to find its soul.

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The narrative orbits around Kora, a figure central to the unfolding drama of resistance and rebellion against a galactic threat. Snyder’s penchant for style over substance is evident here; despite being aesthetically compelling, the characters often feel like chess pieces moved across a board of magnificent landscapes and elaborate set pieces. Dialogue, laden with exposition, often serves more as a narrative crutch than a means to flesh out the characters, leaving them somewhat hollow.

Snyder’s signature slow-fast-slow speed-ramping action sequences are as present as ever, a technique that enthralls and, at times, distracts. The director’s efforts to champion female protagonists, notably through Kora’s character, are visible, yet they sometimes feel superficial amidst the overarching spectacle of the film. This is further complicated by scenes that reduce these characters to their physical attributes or place them in stereotypical roles.

The film’s visual storytelling is where it truly shines. Snyder’s eye for cinematic grandeur creates an awe-inspiring spectacle, particularly regarding aerial combat or cosmic collisions. However, these visuals often overshadow the narrative, leading to a sense that the story is secondary to the spectacle… which isn’t a total surprise knowing Snyder’s oeuvre.

“Rebel Moon Part One” sits somewhat uncomfortably within the space opera genre. It borrows liberally from classics like “Star Wars,” yet it lacks the narrative depth and character development that made such franchises enduring. Snyder’s film is more a pastiche of genre tropes than a fresh take on them.

“Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire” triumphs in its visual artistry and embodies the grand scale typical of Snyder’s work but predictably falls short in delivering a compelling, coherent narrative. In other words, the perfect Netflix movie to stream in the background, not requiring audiences to pay attention, merely to glimpse pretty effects while washing dishes or doing something else. Sadly, a spectacle in search of a soul… and there’s another part coming, so we guess we have to do this dance all over again next year.

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RATING: 2.0 out of 5.

Rebel Moon: Part One is streaming on Netflix on December 21st, 2023.

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  1. Kody Wire says:

    Snyder bros are the worse thing to happen to movies. cancel him already

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    so so so so so bad. not even mid

  3. Sharon C. says:

    hate hate hate hate hate

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