‘They Follow’ Promises New Twists on ‘It Follows’ Terror


A decade after “It Follows” haunted the collective psyche of horror aficionados, the announcement of its sequel, “They Follow,” has sent ripples through the still waters of the genre. The original film, directed by David Robert Mitchell and starring Maika Monroe, was lauded for its fresh take on the horror narrative, intertwining the terror of a relentless supernatural pursuit with the intimate anxieties of adolescence and sexuality. Now, with the promise of the original star and director returning, “They Follow” is poised to delve deeper into the nightmare.

The premise of “It Follows” was as simple as it was horrifying: a curse transmitted through sexual contact, with the afflicted being stalked by a shape-shifting entity visible only to them. The film ended on an ambiguously chilling note, with the protagonist, Jay, having possibly passed on the curse but left with the paranoia that it might not be over. “They Follow” seems to suggest a multiplication of this terror, perhaps hinting at a broader scope or a more complex manifestation of the original threat.

While details are sparse, the sequel’s production is set to begin in 2024, with a potential release by the end of that year or in early to mid-2025. This timeline, however, is contingent on the resolution of the ongoing Actor’s Strike, which could impact production schedules across the industry. The distribution by Neon hints at a likely theatrical release, with a subsequent streaming availability on platforms such as Hulu, where Neon’s films often find a home.

It Follows

The return of Monroe as Jay Height is a significant draw for fans, promising a continuity of performance that anchored the original film. Yet, the question of who else from the original cast will return remains unanswered. The potential inclusion of characters like Keir Gilchrist’s Noah and Olivia Luccardi’s Yara could provide a deeper exploration of the curse’s impact and the bonds formed in the face of such inexplicable horror.

“They Follow” stands at an intriguing crossroads of expectation and potential, carrying the legacy of its predecessor while promising to forge its own path into the dark. The anticipation for the sequel is a testament to the enduring impact of “It Follows,” a film that managed to be both a critical darling and a cult classic, a rare feat in the horror genre. As fans await the first trailer and further details, the sequel remains shrouded in the same eerie suspense that made “It Follows” a modern horror milestone.

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