Loki Season 2 Review: A Temporal Tug-of-War


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has long been a playground for gods, heroes, and villains, but none have been as enigmatic and unpredictable as Loki, the God of Mischief. After a first season that left both critics and fans intrigued, the second season of “Loki” has been one of the most anticipated releases on Disney+. But does it live up to the hype, or does it get lost in its own labyrinth of time loops and multiverses?

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The second season picks up right where the first left off, with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson) navigating the convoluted corridors of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). The stakes are higher, the timelines more tangled, and the character arcs more intricate. Yet, there’s a sense that the show is grappling with its own identity within the larger Marvel narrative. While the first season was lauded for its unique tone and character-driven storytelling, the second season seems to be veering into more familiar Marvel territory, complete with CGI battles and world-ending stakes.

The show’s production design remains a highlight, effortlessly blending retro-futuristic aesthetics with the drab bureaucracy of the TVA. New characters, like Ke Huy Quan’s OB, a TVA repairman, intend to add some humor, but the show’s shift towards setting up future Marvel phases comes at the expense of its unique elements, such as the absence of fan-favorite Alligator Loki and the reduced screen time for Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino).

In terms of narrative, the show seems to be caught in a temporal tug-of-war. On one hand, it wants to explore the philosophical implications of free will and destiny, as seen through the arcs of characters like Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). On the other, it’s burdened by the need to serve as a launchpad for Marvel’s next big villain, Kang, thereby diluting its focus.

What sets “Loki” apart from other Marvel offerings is its willingness to delve into the complexities of its characters, even if it sometimes loses its way in the grander Marvel scheme. The show’s second season, while not without its flaws, offers a tighter, more focused narrative that hints at Marvel finding its footing once again in a post-Avengers world.

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Loki Season 2 is a paradox, much like its titular character. It is at once a continuation and a departure, a spectacle and a study, a part of the MCU and apart from it. While it may not reach the heights of its first season, it remains a compelling watch for those obsessed with superhero.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5

Loki Season Two premieres October 6th, 2023.

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  1. Electric Saturn says:

    The time travel aspect is so unique and fun, but sometimes the plot gets a bit confsuing. Can’t wait for season 3!

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