Johnny 5 from Short Circuit is Alive- No Disassemble!!


A blast from the past is rolling into the present, thanks to the dedicated efforts of 34-year-old Ryan Howard. Fans of the 1986 sci-fi film “Short Circuit” will remember the endearing and lively robot character, Johnny 5. Howard, sharing the sentiment of millions who wish to see Johnny 5 back on the silver screen, has brought the character back to life in a spectacular way.

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Howard, who started the project during the lockdown, spent around four years working on the life-size replica. He first experimented with a plastic model using 3D printing, but his ambition didn’t stop there. “I thought that wasn’t really good enough and wasn’t going to cut it,” Howard said. “I knew I needed to make him properly out of metal.”

From movable arms and eyebrows to working tank treads and the ability to speak in Johnny’s original voice, Howard’s creation is nearly indistinguishable from the film’s beloved character. He even controls it with his phone! The project, which cost Howard over £20,000, is not only an impressive feat of engineering but also a testament to his love for the film.

“It brought the inner child out in me,” Howard confessed. “Even when I was building him and he was standing in front of me for the first time, I was like ‘oh my god, it’s Johnny 5’.”

Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

Residents of Nottinghamshire and fans from around the world can meet this technological marvel at the Em-Con 2021 event at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena on August 28. Howard is excited to share his creation and hopes that others will love Johnny 5 as much as he does.

This reimagining of Johnny 5 leaves us nostalgic for the old days and yearning to see the iconic robot grace the movie theaters once again. Howard’s build not only revives a beloved piece of cinema history but ignites hope that our favorite movie robot could return to the big screen.

“I hope people will like him as much as I do, although I’m a bit biased of course,” Howard said, chuckling.

Howard is already looking forward to his next project, possibly a replica of the film character Wall-E, as he continues to bring cinematic robots to life.

For those who grew up watching Johnny 5’s adventures and for a new generation curious about this fascinating piece of 80s culture, Howard’s achievement serves as a fun and tangible connection to a character we all wish to see in the movies again. Who knows? Maybe Hollywood will take a cue from Howard’s passion and reintroduce Johnny 5 for a new era. Until then, the incredible replica will surely keep the legacy of Johnny 5 alive and well.

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  1. Bonaventure5240 says:

    johnny 5 is alive!!!!!!!

  2. Andre de Guerin says:

    Wonder if its smart enough to charge off EV points?

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