Star Wars Outlaws Trailer: Next Year’s Open World Adventure Set During Rebellion Era


Today, the much-anticipated World Premiere trailer of Star Wars Outlaws was released, revealing the first-ever open-world game in the Star Wars franchise, coming to Xbox Series S/X in 2024.

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The game, set in the Star Wars universe between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, invites players to experience the vast expanses of the Star Wars galaxy like never before. Star Wars Outlaws features both iconic and newly introduced planets, inviting players to a whole new level of exploration and adventure.

The trailer introduced us to the game’s protagonist, Kay Vess, a budding scoundrel on a mission for freedom and a new beginning. Alongside her companion Nix, Kay Vess takes on the galaxy’s crime syndicates in a bid to outwit, fight, and steal her way to a better life. This journey puts her squarely on the radar of the galaxy’s most dangerous figures, securing her a spot on the galaxy’s most-wanted list.

“Star Wars Outlaws presents a unique blend of exploration, action, and strategy that fans of the franchise have been clamoring for,” said a representative from the development team. “We’re excited to present this new perspective of the Star Wars universe, focusing on a character who, like Han Solo, lives in the shadowy, exciting underbelly of the galaxy.”

The announcement of Star Wars Outlaws marks a new chapter in Star Wars gaming, promising a richly detailed and fully immersive open-world experience. Xbox Series S/X owners can look forward to joining Kay Vess’s dangerous escapades across the galaxy when Star Wars Outlaws releases in 2024.

Star Wars Outlaws comes to Xbox Series S/X in 2024.

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