From Exit to U-Turn: Dwayne Johnson’s Surprise Reunion with Fast Franchise


Once a shining star of the Fast and Furious franchise, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had famously exited the world of high-speed car chases and daring heists due to a public conflict with co-star Vin Diesel. Fans believed that the muscle-bound action star would never again join the ranks of the globetrotting crew. However, the Fast universe is notorious for its surprises, and it just delivered another huge one.

In a stunning turn of events announced by Universal and Johnson himself, The Rock is returning to the Fast franchise. The announcement was akin to a tremor shaking the cinematic landscape, sending shockwaves through the industry and delighting fans worldwide. What makes this event more momentous is that Johnson had publicly vowed to leave the franchise for good, adding an air of finality to his exit. Now, the tides have turned (Black Adam shoots a look!), as The Rock prepares to step into his former role, amped up with the high-octane energy that only the Fast franchise can deliver.

Interestingly, the new project, which remains untitled, is neither a spinoff nor a numerical sequel. It’s a bridging chapter penned by Fast mainstay Chris Morgan to connect Fast X and the upcoming Fast 11. This unexpected turn takes the franchise into an unexplored territory, promising more adrenaline-fueled action and suspense for the audience.

Notably, the project will be a production spectacle, with Johnson and Diesel putting their past disagreements aside to work together behind the scenes. With Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions teaming up with Diesel’s One Race company, the new installment is set to carry forward the franchise’s longstanding theme of ‘family.’ The power-packed duo working together, along with a seasoned production team, only raises the bar of expectation for the new film.

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Despite Diesel’s absence from the cast, the upcoming chapter will feature other familiar faces from the Fast family. This surprising twist in the franchise’s storyline reflects the real-life reconciliation between Johnson and Diesel, who have managed to put their disagreements aside for the sake of the franchise and its global fan base (AKA “they all want our money”). In a heartfelt social media post, Johnson acknowledged this reconciliation, promising to lead with brotherhood and resolve.

The announcement marks a new era for the Fast franchise, allowing Universal to keep the adrenaline-fueled saga running, a saga that has taken audiences on a high-speed journey for over two decades, grossing over $7 billion globally. The continuation of this legacy, given the recent success of Fast X, assures more box-office success and fan excitement in the near future.

The Fast family is back in full throttle, and with the surprise return of Dwayne Johnson, fans are in for yet another wild and unforgettable ride.


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