Jenna Ortega Joins Michael Keaton for Long-Awaited Beetlejuice Sequel


Warner Bros. announced a spooky surprise for fans of the 1988 Tim Burton classic, as Beetlejuice 2 is set to haunt theaters on September 6, 2024. Michael Keaton is expected to reprise his role as the charismatic ghost, alongside rising star Jenna Ortega, who recently worked with Burton on Wednesday.

Ortega, potentially in danger of being typecast, will reportedly play the daughter of Lydia, Winona Ryder’s iconic character from the original film. While we’re at it, let’s hope Ortega’s next role involves a zany part in a feel-good movie sequel or reboot – perhaps a crazy cousin in a Sister Act 3: Nuns Just Wanna Have Fun?

Wednesday creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have penned the script for the much-anticipated sequel. Interestingly, Marvel Studios’ Blade also has the same release date. However, the writers’ strike has put the production of Blade on hold, leaving its release date uncertain. Warner Bros. may be hoping for Blade to reschedule.

Beetlejuice, which featured a stellar cast including Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Jeffrey Jones, and Catherine O’Hara, grossed $80 million on a modest $15 million budget. It has since remained a pop culture staple, inspiring a musical and animated series.

The journey to Beetlejuice 2 has been long and winding, with various writers offering their take on the sequel, and Burton expressing uncertainty about his involvement. However, earlier this year, Ortega entered negotiations to star in the film, and plans for a summer shoot in London were set in motion.

Reflecting on her experience with Burton, Ortega shared with The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s been quite an insane experience. I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with an iconic director who just so happens to be one of the sweetest directors I’ve worked with, and also the most detail-oriented.”

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