Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Covenant’ Review: A Powerful Departure


Guy Ritchie’s “The Covenant” shatters all preconceptions of his filmmaking prowess, boldly stepping out of his comfort zone and into the unforgiving world of war dramas. Known for his stylish and flashy crime-thrillers, Ritchie takes an unexpected detour, trading his signature flashy aesthetics for gritty realism; a tale of camaraderie and despair in the midst of a seemingly endless war, “The Covenant” is a powerful film that bears little resemblance to Ritchie’s previous work, such as “Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre.”

“The Covenant” follows the story of U.S. Army Master Sergeant John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his interpreter Ahmed (Dar Salim), as they navigate the treacherous landscape of war-torn Afghanistan. Instead of relying on his typical fast-paced, action-packed style, Ritchie opts for a more grounded and harrowing approach to storytelling, allowing the harsh realities of war to take center stage. The film’s battle scenes are meticulously crafted, immersing the audience in the chaotic and unpredictable nature of combat, while its character-driven narrative is imbued with a profound sense of humanity.

In comparison to “Operation Fortune,” Ritchie’s “The Covenant” stands out as a more mature and thematically rich offering. While the former was an entertaining and stylish caper, the latter delves deeper into the human condition and the complexities of war, showcasing Ritchie’s versatility as a director. The film’s standout performances, particularly from Dar Salim, further elevate the material, providing a level of emotional resonance often absent from Ritchie’s previous films.

Despite its many strengths, “The Covenant” may struggle to find a wide audience due to its somber subject matter and the lingering questions it raises about the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, for those willing to embrace its unflinching portrayal of the human cost of war, the film proves to be a deeply affecting and unforgettable experience.

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“The Covenant” is a testament to Guy Ritchie’s growth as a filmmaker, showcasing his ability to tackle a wide range of genres with skill and finesse. With its gripping narrative, compelling performances, and thought-provoking themes, “The Covenant” is a must-see for fans of war dramas and a welcome departure from Ritchie’s usual fare.

RATING: 4 out of 5.
Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is now playing in theaters.

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    a refreshing departure from his ususal style.