Renfield Review: Nicolas Cage as Dracula is a Bloody Good Time!


Renfield is a film that dares to breathe new life into the Dracula mythos with its modern retelling, this time focusing on the titular character, Renfield (played by Nicholas Hoult). The story unfolds as Renfield navigates his new life as Dracula’s bloodthirsty minion, while struggling with his own idiosyncrasies. The film weaves together horror and comedy in a way that feels fresh and inventive, thanks to the outstanding performances of Nicolas Cage as Dracula and Hoult as Renfield.

Nicholas Hoult is a revelation in the lead role, injecting a unique vulnerability and likability into the character that feels both refreshing and genuine. His comedic timing is impeccable, and he masterfully balances moments of hilarity with emotional depth. While the humor can be hit or miss, the film’s greatest strength lies in its ability to balance horror and humor, allowing audiences to fully embrace the twisted and dark world of Renfield.

Nicolas Cage, who has become synonymous with eccentric performances, is in his element as Dracula. Cage’s Dracula is a perfect blend of menacing and hilarious, making him a memorable antagonist. This nuanced performance brings depth to the character that could have easily been reduced to a caricature.

The horror-action elements of the film are expertly crafted, featuring John Wick-inspired fight scenes and an abundance of gore that will satisfy any horror fan. The twisted and dark atmosphere is captivating, and the film doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries in terms of its content.

Despite a few misses in the humor department, Renfield remains a delightful horror-comedy that caters to fans of the genre, while also appealing to a broader audience. The standout performances of Cage and Hoult make this a must-watch, as they prove that the classic monsters still have plenty of bite left in them.

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RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0

Renfield is in theaters on April 14th.

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