Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC Review: A Bloody Good Crossover


Dead Cells has been a fan-favorite since its release in 2018, with its challenging gameplay and stunning visuals. And now, the developers have brought a new twist to the game with their latest DLC, Return to Castlevania. But does it live up to the hype?

Return to Castlevania adds a whole new dimension to the game, set in a dark and eerie version of the iconic Castlevania castle. Players will battle their way through hordes of monsters, face off against new bosses, and explore a variety of new environments in this expansion.

One of the highlights of this DLC is the attention to detail that the developers have put into the game. The environments are beautifully designed, and the addition of new enemies adds to the overall challenge of the game. The bosses are particularly impressive, with each one offering a unique challenge that will keep players on their toes.

Another highlight is the addition of new weapons and abilities. Players can now wield a whip, a nod to the Castlevania series, and use it to swing across gaps and take down enemies. There are also new abilities that allow players to double jump, dash, and even teleport. These new abilities add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay and make the DLC feel like a natural extension of the base game.

However, in true Dead Cells fashion, the DLC is quite challenging, and some players may struggle to progress. The difficulty spike can be quite steep, and it may take some time for players to adapt to the new mechanics and enemies… as if Dead Cells wasn’t hard enough!

Overall, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is an impressive DLC that adds a lot of new content to an already excellent game. The attention to detail, new weapons and abilities, and challenging bosses make this expansion a must-play for fans of the series. However, the difficulty spike may be a turnoff for some players.

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RATING: 4.5 out of 5.0

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