Disney Dials Back More Marvel and Star Wars To Save A Buck and Make Better Stuff!


Disney’s world of franchises is taking a step back in the face of fiscal responsibility, according to a new report from the Hollywood Reporter. After years of pushing out a seemingly endless amount of Marvel and Star Wars content, the company is “curating” its output following comments from Bob Iger about the high cost of creating franchise content. Disney is looking for more “rigor” and cost-cutting, a change that will likely have the most immediate impact on Marvel.

Despite the delays, The Mandalorian season three is still scheduled for a March 1 debut on Disney+. However, other Marvel projects have been put on the back burner, including shows like Echo and Ironheart. According to sources, only Loki season two and Secret Invasion are sure bets for a 2023 release. This is a far cry from the five shows Kevin Feige announced at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Feige himself has acknowledged the shift, explaining that there will be “fewer shows” spaced out over time. In contrast, Star Wars is facing the opposite challenge. After a two-year absence from the big screen, Disney is eager to ramp up its cinematic releases. The franchise’s upcoming films and shows are set to be announced at Star Wars Celebration in April.

Disney is also rethinking its approach to animation, following the underperformance of Pixar’s Lightyear and Disney Animation’s Strange World. Longer theatrical windows for upcoming films Elemental and Wish may lure families back to theaters.

The industry is amid a “massive correction,” with studios and streamers forced to be more fiscally responsible. For Disney, this means less content in the short term but hopefully, a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to its beloved franchises.

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