Evil Dead: The Game Adds ‘Splatter Royale’ Battle Royale Mode


As an Evil Dead movie fan, I’m thrilled to hear about the latest update to Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game! The new game mode “Splatter Royale” is just what fans like me have been waiting for. The idea of battling up to 40 Deadites and embracing our inner demons as a Deadite version of our favorite characters is beyond exciting. It’s a battle royale where only one player can come out on top, and I can’t wait to see who that will be.

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In addition to “Splatter Royale,” the update also includes new survivor Ruby, new weapons, and new premium cosmetics. Outfits for Ash, Kelly, and Pablo from “Ash vs. Evil Dead” are part of the cosmetic additions, and the weapons include a grenade launcher and a scythe. These updates are sure to make the ultimate Evil Dead experience in the world of video games even more thrilling.

The game features both single-player and co-op gameplay, allowing players to work together as a team of survivors to explore, loot, craft, and manage fear while finding key artifacts to seal the breach between worlds. Alternatively, players can take control of the powerful Kandarian Demon and hunt Ash and his friends while possessing Deadites, the environment, and even the survivors themselves. This is truly the ultimate Evil Dead experience in the world of video games, and I can’t wait to try it out for myself!


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