Star Wars Episode VII’s BB-8 Will Be REAL!


When Episode VII’s new star BB-8 rolled out onto the stage of the Anaheim Convention Center last week during the opening panel of Star Wars Celebration, he was greeted with gasps, applause and all around dropped jaws from the crowd of 5000 seated in the arena. Everyone one of us immediately thought two things: WOW, he’s not CGI and I WANT ONE. Now, it looks like the folks at Sphero will make this wish come true.

Sphero CEO Paul Berberian confirmed rumors that his company is involved in the creation of BB-8 and that a retail version will be availible later this year. Sphero received funding from Disney, is best known for its eponymous motorized ball, which users can control with their smartphones through Bluetooth.

There is only a teaser page to go on, but perhaps the signup form will provide more answers soon as to when we may have our favorite new character from a galaxy far, far away rolling into our homes!


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