‘Cabin In The Woods’ Do-It-Yourself Soundtrack

While most of the entire planet has been spending the last three days geekin’ out over Joss Whedon’s AVENGERS, I’ve still been nursing the awe from the Whedon co-scripted CABIN IN THE WOODS. The Drew Goddard-directed film is a modern masterpiece — one that should be seen as blind as possible going in, and one that cannot be seen merely once. The eerie score to the film by composer David Julyan was just released – but, sadly, a soundtrack featuring the songs does not exist.

But don’t panic! Here are most of the tracks, presented in order as they are heard during THE CABIN IN THE WOODS…

1. OK Go – White Knuckles
2. Ladyhawke – Crazy World
3. Asher Roth – Be By Myself
4. Switchfoot – The Sound
5. Eagles of Death Metal – So Easy
6. Motocade – Tightrope Highway
7. The High Decibels – Miss Cindy
8. Iggy Pop – She’s a Business
9. Vassy – Desire
10. REO Speedwagon – Roll With The Changes
11. Nine Inch Nails – Last

Also, AFTER you’ve seen the film, definitely check out “The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion” — which has great stills, interviews and the entire screenplay.

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