Animated Pac-Man & Dragon’s Lair on DVD!


It may not be the complete “Saturday Supercade, but no matter– the Examiner reports that Dragon’s Lair: The Complete Series and Pac-Man: The Complete First Season finally will be available on DVD!

The Dragon’s Lair cartoon was first released by Ruby-Spears in 1984. Based upon the ground-breaking laser disc arcade game from 1983, the original series aired as an ABC Saturday Morning series.

The Hanna-Barbera series debuted on ABC Saturday Mornings in 1982 and ran for two years. It featured most of the Pac-Man series characters to date, including Ms. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man with Super Pac-Man and PJ Pac (loosely based on Jr. Pac-Man) joining the series in it’s second season.

Two holiday specials were produced for the Pac-Man series, Christmas Comes to Pac-Land and the Pac-Man Halloween Special. Graphics and music for the 1984 side-scrolling game Pac-Land were altered for the North American market to resemble the cartoon series and several characters, including the Pac-Family pets Chomp Chomp and Sourpuss, appeared in later entries and spin-offs.

Hopefully these DVDs will sell well enough to warrant releases of Frogger and my all-time fave, Q*Bert!


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