Is Comic-Con About To Become Lame?


Movie Viral — “The New York Times ran a piece yesterday about how movie studios are taking a more cautious approach to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The big news from the NY Times story is that Warner Bros. will not be presenting any of their movies at Comic-Con. This means no panels or booths for The Dark Knight Rises or The Man of Steel. Fortunately, Zack Snyder’s Superman film has next year’s Comic-Con to fall back on, since the film comes out that Christmas. Other studios are also pulling out of the 2011 convention, including Disney, Dreamworks, and The Weinstein Company. Even Marvel is considering sitting this one out, despite The Avengers coming out next year.

Fortunately, some studios look to take advantage as well, with Universal’s Cowboys & Aliens having its premiere at the con, The Amazing Spiderman planning a big promotion, and other films from Paramount, Lionsgate, and Summit hosting panels.”

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