Summer Score Card (1/4)


To some, Summer 2011 has not started yet. To film geeks like us, it’s a month old. Here’s a look how the first 25% of Summer 2011 ranked for me…

10} Bridesmaids – Walked out an hour in and demanded refund for the hour of my life that I’ll never get back. (and I love Kirsten Wiig!)

9} On Stranger Tides – An insult to the attraction and to Walt’s legacy. Made me need to take a hiatus from New Orleans Square for the time being.

8} Thor – Hemsworth does what he can, but Portman and Dennings suck the Marvelousness out of what is truly the biggest dropped potential of the year.

7} Priest – Tried hard, succeeded in setting up a cool world, but then reduced its Priest to a story worse than any associated with typical Catholic touchy-feely ones

6} The Hangover Part II – I didn’t dislike this because of its recycled remake approach, I disliked this because it just wasn’t funny. Boring even. But credit is due for Phillips raising the bar in one scene, a predictable one, but fun nonetheless. For that alone it ranks higher than the rest of this summer’s fare.

5} Dylan Dog: Dead of Night – Yes, its humor bites, but kudos to the filmmakers for trying to bring us a good ol’ fashion 80’s-esque creature romp, a nice antidote to the current crop of teen werewolf and vampire dreck.

*4} Fast Five – The summer started off promising with this mindless fun. Justin Lin is one to watch.

*3} The Beaver – Ventures into melodramatic TV movie territory at times, but its fearlessness to travel into dark places puts this unique film near the top.

*2} Everything Must Go – A fantastic breather from Farell’s usual roles that had me wanting more.

*1} Midnight In Paris – Woody’s best in as far as both you or I can remember. Despite a borderline-grating performance from Rachel McAdams, this romantic fantasy transcends Allen’s usual core audience and will be enjoyed by anyone who gives it a chance. Thank goodness Wilson didn’t kill himself a few years ago. He is fantastic in this and the perfect Allen protagonist without all out copying the Woody mannerisms that have made others fail. Oh yes and — The less you know going in the better. Don’t even watch the trailer, just go. Pure MAGIC.

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Okay, June, bring it on. I’m talkin’ to you, Mudflap and Skids — we’re ready for you…


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