Star Tours: The Destinations


This past Saturday, Disney’s Hollywood Studios began its soft opening for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Inside The Magic was there, and captured the magical moment shortly after 2pm when the first Starspeeder 1000’s left Orlando.

After the jump, check out all the spoilerific destinations you can expect to see when YOUR adventures continue!…

Full planet destination list!…

The rebel spy beginning will begin with one of these characters…

Darth Vader
Scan droid

First planet stop you can visit…

Hoth (Empire Strikes Back battle)
Tatooine (Podracing scene)

You will receive a hologram message from…

Princess Leia
Admiral Ackbar

Second planet stop you can visit…

Naboo (Phantom Menace battle)
Coruscant (Clone wars battle)
Geonosis (Death Star battle)

Source = StarTours2live


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