Bergy’s App of the Week: SUPER-8


This is truly one of the greatest movie-tie in apps I’ve downloaded to my iPhone. The app is a movie tie-in in name only – and is a fully functional video app which will let you shoot your own vintage Super 8 films.

From CNET — “The entire interfaced is modeled after a Super 8 case, complete with vintage instruction manual, Super 8 “cassettes” (i.e. your library of recordings), and the camera itself. The camera comes with your choice of seven photorealistic “lenses,” including color, sepia, negative, and even infrared. For any of them you can toggle a scratch-and-dirt overlay and a frame-shake effect; the latter literally makes the frame jump based on movement of the iPhone. After you’ve shot some “film,” you can organize (but not edit) your clips, then add titles and credits, insert an authentic-looking Super 8 film leader, and “develop” the movie for viewing with Super 8’s “projector.” (The attention to detail here is terrific: you have to pull down the “screen,” and there are Reverse and Forward buttons you can hold to shuttle the playback in real-time.)”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a JJ Abrams event film if this thing didn’t have some sort of viral marketing behind it. According to MovieViral — it seems like there may be frames of secret footage that get spliced into your videos… read what they have to say about the secret editing HERE.

Oh yeah, and best of all, Super 8 is free. Grab it HERE in the iTunes App Store.


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