Seems like little has changed over at the Foxwoods theater since I witnessed the biggest disaster in Broadway history two months ago.

Today, Topless Robot has a great recap of a new review for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark over at The NY Times. Check it out – everything they write is the truth. This thing is an abomination and no one should allow Taymor to lay her wrath on anything else ever again. She’s has ruined enough. Spidey. Lion King. The Beetles. The woman is man’s greatest foe. The woman is a sin.

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

One thought on “Turn It Off Already”
  1. heehee that made me laugh.
    all the bad reviews won’t stop her though, the only thing that might is a silver bullet in the heart. Until then she’s busy preparing Black Swan for its broadway debut Fall 2013.

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