Last FULL-Size IMAX GRID 2/3 or 2/17


The Green Hornet may have shut down The Grid a a majority of full-sized IMAX theaters, TRON: Legacy is still powered up at many across the country. The James Cameron produced Sanctum will take over on February 4th, booting down the perfect system on many more IMAX screens – and then two weeks after that “I Am Number 4” will close out any remaining IMAX TRON screens left. Today we have recieved confirmation that the Universal Citiwalk in LA will still be fighting for the Users until this night of the 17th.

Call your local IMAX theaters to find out how much time you have left to see TRON: Legacy the way it was intended. If you have not experienced that screen opening up to FULL-SIZED IMAX AWESOMESOMENESS when that first Recognizer shows up, you really REALLY, I mean it – REALLY need to do yourself a favor and seek out on of the nearest FULL IMAX screen near you. Again, If you have seen TRON any other way, I’m sorry, but you have not seen TRON.


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  1. Njava says:

    The 43 year old in me remembers Tron’s Arcade at Disneyland Anaheim the smemur after TRON came out. They had special editions of the video games created as tie-in’s for the movie, and were in high gear for the saturation blitz. They almost got it right the first time- TRON was arguably ahead of it’s time yet had pretty much no appeal to younger kids or women- a mistake they’ll no doubt rectify this time around. I think they’ll get it right this timemaking it less philosophical and more like an adrenaline soaked action flick. The 13 year old in me wishes/hopes 1. That Wendy Carlos is somehow involved in the soundtrack2. They’d go back to TRON 2.0 as the title. It’s way better in the geeky way.