‘Walt: The Man Behind the Myth’ Premieres on CNBC 2/3


From TV.Broadwayworld.com — “Walt: The Man Behind the Myth” will premiere on Thursday, February 3rd at 9pm. The two hour documentary will repeat that evening at 12am. “Walt: The Man Behind the Myth” is the definitive filmed biography of Walt Disney. Based on over 75 interviews with Walt’s closest friends and collaborators as well as leading historians, “Walt” traces the life and creative achievements of one of America’s most enduring icons in entertainment. In addition to the familiar stories of how Walt conceived of Mickey Mouse and created the first feature-length animated cartoon with “Snow White,” the film also reveals the lesser-known saga of how the studio faced near-bankruptcy in the wake of a strike and World War II; how Walt skimped and saved, and even cashed in his family’s life insurance, in order to finance the early development of Disneyland; how the Disney Studio broke the Hollywood taboo of early television; and how, in his final days, Walt was fully devoted to building a city of the future near what is today Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


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