TR3N Teaser… When?


I’ve had this fantasy that Disney would use Comic-Con 2011 as their launching pad for a TRON 3 trailer, much the same way they surprised everyone back in 2008 with the “proof-of-concept” teaser for what became “TRON: Legacy” (aka the greatest live action sequel of the last decade).

While it would be awesome for Disney to keep their Tron presence in San Diego alive for the 4th year in a row – there may be an earlier glimpse of the future of The Grid.

The amazing TRON-Sector has word that a teaser for a thrid Tron film could be included on on the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases of TRON & TRON: LEGACY.

While this would indeed be cool, I’d still prefer Disney to fire up the thousands of fans in Hall H this July with new news. How ’bout you?


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