Bergy’s App of the Week: Team CoCo


I recently had to make the tough decision to get rid of my cable for a while. It was a necessary cutback to my monthly overhead and one that would have been a lot easier to do if not for Conan on TBS. With no Curbs or South Parks or Childrens Hospitals currently running, Conan was the only reason I really needed to keep giving scratch to Time Warner. Conan has never been better but he’s still not worth fifty bucks a month.

Almost like a gift for making the right choice – I’ve now been granted the Team CoCo app for the iPhone! This app is a must have for any Conan fan, as it pretty much allows you to watch the monologue, skits and interviews from every show only hours after they’re broadcast. Best of all, the app is free. Grab it HERE in the iTunes App Store.


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