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Alright, fuck this!! We’re starting this year out with an important public service post. I know too many people who are not seeing TRON: Legacy the proper way. These are people who actually like TRON, too! I’m tired of feeling sorry for people who think they’ve experienced places like The Grid when it could not be further from the truth. This is not just my opinion, this is fact — TRON has 43 minutes of footage which opens up full frame to take advantage of IMAX’s giant size and fully immerse you inside the EXPERIENCE of the adventure. If you have not see TRON in a full sized IMAX auditorium (and not some bullshit “lie-max” upconverted multiplex screen, either) then it’s like you’ve watched Captain EO on YouTube instead of in Disneyland or EPCOT’s 4D glory. It’s like you’ve watched someone’s shakeycam footage of a rollercoaster in lieu of actually sitting in the front seat and riding it. It’s like watching some porn and sayin’ you got laid.

If that’s fine with you – well, then, then I’d have to argue that you only think it’s fine and you’re just naive. Don’t be naive. Do the right thing and use this handy dandy list of FULL SIZE, 15-perf, 70mm IMAX auditoriums near you and get there before TRON leaves so you can really see that film the way it was designed to be seen.

And jeers to the IMAX site, who have taken off the in-depth descriptions of their IMAX theaters and lumped lie-max in with full size. Lamest thing ever. IMAX, you’re diluting your brand and making people hate you.

So this list is all you have. The List is Life. End of Line.

Here we go, excluding the full sized IMAX screens which are located at many museums and science centers. These are the current full IMAX auditoriums which show first run films. If you’re in a theater with that blue IMAX logo that ain’t on this list, you’re seeing Lie-Max – which I’m not against, by the way. If the only choice is between one of the smaller, digital IMAX theaters and a regular screen – go for it. I just feel they should distinguish the two different styles, and lower the price by a few bucks on the smaller Lie-Max screens.

OK, enough of my ranting! State by state, these are the 54 awesome screens you should seeking out…

Tempe – Harkins Arizona Mills 25 IMAX – 412 seats, opened 3/5/1998

Cathedral City – Desert IMAX Theater – 279 seats, opened 4/2/1999
Dublin – Regal Hacienda Crossings 20 & IMAX – 385 seats, opened 5/5/2000
Fresno – Edwards Fresno Stadium 21 & IMAX – 273 seats, opened 6/28/2006
Irvine – Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 & IMAX – 492 seats, opened 11/27/2002
Los Angeles – Rave 18 IMAX – 350 seats, opened 01/2002
Monterey – Cannery Row IMAX Theatre – 290 seats, opened 4/4/2008
Ontario – Edwards Ontario Palace 22 & IMAX – 480 seats, opened 4/11/2003
Sacramento – Esquire IMAX Theater – 407 seats, opened 7/8/1999
San Francisco – AMC Loews Metreon – 600 seats, opened 6/16/1999
Universal City – AMC Loews Universal City – 422 seats, opened 4/14/2000

Colorado Springs – Cinemark Carefree Circle & IMAX – 263 seats, opened 12/15/2000
Denver – UA Colorado Center 9 & IMAX – 360 seats

Manchester – RC Buckland Hills 18 – 230 seats, opened 11/10/2004

Orlando – Regal Pointe 21 & IMAX – 424 seats, opened 05/2007

Buford – Regal Mall of Georgia 20 & IMAX – 400 seats, opened 8/13/1999

Council Bluffs – AMC Star Council Bluffs IMAX – 346 seats, opened 3/21/2008

Boise – Edwards Boise Stadium 21 & IMAX – 268 seats, opened 4/30/1999

Chicago – Navy Pier IMAX Theatre – 440 seats, opened 1995
Lincolnshire – Regal Lincolnshire 20 & IMAX – 260 seats, opened 12/21/1998
Woodridge – Cinemark Seven Bridges & IMAX – 260 seats, opened 2/25/2000

Indianapolis – Indiana State Museum IMAX – 404 seats, opened 12/19/1996

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Louisville – RC Stonybrook 20 IMAX – 211 seats, opened 11/10/2004

New Orleans – Entergy IMAX Theatre – 354 seats, opened 10/1995

Natick – Jordan’s Furniture IMAX – 279 seats, opened 8/22/2002
Reading – Jordan’s Furniture IMAX – 465 seats, opened 10/29/2004

Dearborn – The Henry Ford IMAX – 440 seats, opened 11/19/1999
Grand Rapids – Celebration! Village IMAX Theater – 270 seats, opened 11/16/2001
Ypsilanti – RC Ann Arbor 20 IMAX – 422 seats, opened 5/12/2006

Apple Valley – Great Clips IMAX Theatre – 600 seats, opened 4/5/1997
Duluth – Duluth OMNIMAX Theatre – 260 seats, opened 4/18/1996

Sappington – Ronnies 20 Cine IMAX – 270 seats, opened 11/18/2005

West Yellowstone – Yellowstone IMAX Theatre – 356 seats, opened 6/15/1994

Atlantic City – Tropicana Casino IMAX – 287 seats, opened 11/24/2004

Las Vegas – Brenden Theatre Corp IMAX – 183 seats, opened 8/15/2003

New Rochelle – Regal New Roc City 18 & IMAX – 392 seats, opened 9/24/1999
New York – AMC Loews Lincoln Square IMAX – 600 seats, opened 11/1994 — largest screen in country
Rochester – Tinseltown & IMAX – 253 seats, opened 11/9/1999
West Nyack – IMAX Theatre at Palisades Center – 361 seats, opened 9/25/1998
White Plains – City Center 15: Cinema de Lux IMAX – 329 seats, opened 11/10/2004

Cincinnati – Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux IMAX – 341 seats, opened 11/10/2004

Tulsa – Cinemark Tulsa & IMAX – 260 seats, opened 3/10/2000

King of Prussia – UA King of Prussia 16 & IMAX – 340 seats, opened 4/11/2003
Tarentum – Cinemark IMAX at Pittsburgh Mills – opened 7/14/2005

Providence – Providence Place Cinemas 16 IMAX- 424 seats, opened 6/22/2000

Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach IMAX – 404 seats, opened 5/9/2007

Colleyville – Colleyville Cinema Grille and IMAX – 276 seats, opened 8/9/2006
Dallas – Cinemark 17 & IMAX – 257 seats, opened 9/9/1999
Galveston – Moody Gardens IMAX – 403 seats, opened 1993
Houston – Edwards Houston Marquee 23 & IMAX – 409 seats, opened 4/11/2003
San Antonio – IMAX 3D Theatre San Antonio Rivercenter -320 seats, opened 05/2001
Tomball – Silverado 19 IMAX – 411 seats, opened 2/29/2008

Spokane – Riverfront Park IMAX -342 seats, opened 05/1978

Fitchburg – AMC Star Fitchburg 18 IMAX – 349 seats, opened 12/23/2005

I have a feeling many of the museums and science centers will begin showing more first run films – it’d be a great source of revenue for them. If you happen to check out a film in full IMAX, please advise us of corrections, updates or additions.

SOURCE = Examiner


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30 Responses

  1. Bennie Schow says:

    this internet site is my aspiration , really superb style and design and perfect subject matter.

  2. filmteknik says:

    Cinemark 7 Bridges @ Woodridge, IL is closed for so-called upgrades, presumably switching to digital from 15-70mm film. I don’t know if they will reduce the screen size. I guess there is going to be in in-between category of theatres with big screens but Lie-max digital prohection. People going there to see any film containing real IMAX footage will be cheated but for the average Hollywood film converted to IMAX from a 2K digital intermediate it may not matter much.

    I, too, deplore IMAX’s stubborn refusal to appropriately label their digital theatres as something different. I think very soon there will be no IMAX format film prints for the Hollywood movies.

    The list omits Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry which has an IMAX Dome aka Omnimax installation. Mostly sciencey fare but some Hollywood too.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Thank you for the update and thanks for checking out the site!

  4. Vaderules says:

    The OmniMax theater in Duluth, MN has sadly closed. I take annual sojourns to Duluth and always made a point to see whatever was playing on the amazing domed screen. Quite a bummer.

    Also, I whole-heartedly agree that IMAX is being incredibly shady about how they are branding their new smaller digital theaters as the same experience as the large format prints. For shame.

    Sadly, the masses will likely eat up whatever promotion is peddled before them, and we few who know the difference will cease to be heard.

  5. Steve Anson says:

    Saw the new liemax at the Rave Center Valley PA. Screen only 35′ tall. Thor shown is crappy post production 3D and was letter boxed through out. Paid $17, got refund, saw it in a Real D 3D auditorium for $14, walked out because the movie stunk, dim, fake 3D. Will never see a liemax at the rave again. I was actually underwhelmed at the king of Prussia IMAX where there was true film projection-saw The Dark Knight, found the image not bright enough and the screen at 45″ tall, underwhelming as well. Guess I’m spoiled by the AMC Lincoln Sq Manhattan IMAX with it’s 80′ tall screen.

  6. Cybergosh says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments and screen facts. I hope to be updating this list soon, as i feel it’s important for people to be able to know where the TRUE “IMAX Experience” can be found so no one gets ripped off! Keep ’em comin’ !!

  7. Max says:

    So N.C does not have even single proper IMAX?
    I was waiting for Transformers and was thinking of goto IMAX here in Cary or Durham but both did not make this list. Does it mean they are fake?

    Should i still goto them instead of usual multiplex?

  8. Film lover says:

    Does anyone know if regal cinema at new roc city still uses real imax? When i went there last week to see transformers 3 i took a look at the imax theater and the screen looked smaller. I don’t remember it looking than small when i saw the dark knight.

  9. Jessica says:

    Thank you so very much for the information!! I completely agree with you. I felt so jipped when I thought I was going to an IMAX theater and it turned out to be a Lie-Max! I will use this information in order to make informed movie decisions.

  10. filmlover says:

    Why was my comment deleted? I was asking if the imax at regal in new roc was still real? It looked smaller when i went there.

  11. Biggiesized says:

    The IMAX theater in Tarentum, PA (outside of Pittsburgh) is no longer a real IMAX theater. They converted to digital back in March. The entire Pittsburgh area is devoid of real IMAX projections, save for the science center (OMNIMAX).

  12. Paco says:

    Hey thanks for the site. I’d just like to comment on my recent experience at the Harkins Arizona Mills IMAX. It is very impressive. 6 story screen. Dual projector. Deafening sound. Avatar was fantastic. BUT I had a really negative experience with Harry Potter part 2 and it wasn’t because of the “fake” 3D. In fact I had seen it already at a LieMax and it was actually spectacular considering it was fake. The closeups of faces had true depth in them, the lack thereof usually a dead giveaway in poorly done conversions.

  13. Paco says:

    When I saw it at the real IMAX I was absolutely horrified by the incredibly noticeable ghosting that was present throughout the entire movie. If my wife had minded it as much as I did I would have demanded a refund. But we travelled a considerable distance and she didn’t really notice it so I endured it. All during the movie I adjusted the glasses and tilted my head trying in vain to minimize the annoying crosstalk. I read forum posts for hours to hunt down probable causes. This could be due to overwashed worn out glasses, faded projector polarizers, dirty screen, and/or misalgned projectors. I was really pissed off and I haven’t written IMAX about it yet but I intend to. I am sure I am not alone in this experience but the majority of viewers would probably not even notice it. But I’m afraid that the problem is not only the LieMax one but also a lack of A) quality control at the best theaters and B) caring about the user experience which led to A.

  14. Pacopacocap says:

    Hey how come my comments were deleted?

  15. Cybergosh says:

    Not sure how this could have happened, we only delete spam here – and we welcome comments! Apologies and thanks.

  16. Andrew says:

    Reasonable rumors suggest that the next Mission Impossible movie (premieres Dec 2011) will include (as a preview) a ‘Dark Knight Rises’ mini-film as part of its presentation…BUT ONLY ON 70MM IMAX SCREENS.

    Can we infer that the theaters on this list will comprise the majority of the screens that will have this minifilm?


  17. Cybergosh says:

    I believe so, some great readers have written in with corrections, i have not updated this list in a while, so some of the FULL IMAX theaters may not have it, but i’d assume this is a decent start. Tickets actually just went on sale for many IMAX screens this week, but i’d double-check with theaters to make sure the theater is classic IMAX the way we want it! Say no to LIE-max! 🙂

  18. mike says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It’s been a major issue trying to track down the true IMAX screens and this list is vital. Now we can avoid the LIE-MAX theaters with ease.

  19. fhharris says:

    Nothing in md va or dc area? That sucks.

  20. George Jetson says:

    Thanks for the list, it is unfortunately needed in this day and age of deceptive advertising and brand prostitution. We got burned at the Naperville Showplace 16 LIE-MAX , where the only thing big was the deafening over-modulated sound pressure level.

    I can confirm that the Seven Bridges CInemark IMAX has indeed converted over to Digital Projection, but on a bigger screen than the retrofits (blue logo). Same thing with the Randall 15 IMAX in Batavia, IL. Don’t know where that leaves it in the IMAX vs. LIE-MAX debate.

  21. George Jetson says:

    Here is the list of 15-70mm IMAX Theatres showing the Dark Night 6 minute preview before the MI:GP feature. Am I to assume these are the only 15-70 IMAX theaters left in the US?

    Austin, TX || IMAX Theater Austin
    Boston, MA || Jordan’s IMAX
    Boston, MA || IMAX 3D Theatre in Reading
    Calgary, AB || Scotiabank Theatre Chinook 16 + IMAX
    Chantilly, VA || Washington, DC Udvar-Hazy Center IMAX
    Chicago, IL || Navy Pier IMAX Theatre
    Des Moines, IA || SCI IMAX Dome Theater Des
    Detroit, MI || Henry Ford IMAX
    Edmonton, AB || Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton + IMAX
    Harrisburg, PA || The Whitaker Center for Science & the Arts IMAX
    Houston, TX || Houston Marq*e Stadium 22 + IMAX
    Indianapolis, IN || White River IMAX
    Los Angeles, CA || Irvine Spectrum 20 + IMAX
    Los Angeles, CA || RAVE 18 + IMAX
    Los Angeles, CA || Ontario Palace Stadium 22 + IMAX
    Los Angeles, CA || Citywalk Stadium 19 with IMAX
    Madison, WI || Star 18 Fitchburg with IMAX
    Miami, FL || AutoNation IMAX
    Minneapolis, MN || Great Clips IMAX
    Montreal, QC || Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal + IMAX
    Nashville,TN || Opry Mills Stadium 20 + IMAX
    New York, NY || Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX
    New York, NY || Palisades IMAX
    Omaha, NE || Star Cinema 16 with IMAX
    Orlando, FL || Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 + IMAX
    Ottawa, ON || Silvercity Gloucester + IMAX
    Palm Springs, CA || Desert IMAX Theatre
    Philadelphia, PA || IMAX & the Tropicana
    Philadelphia, PA || Tuttleman IMAX – Franklin Institute
    Phoenix, AZ || Arizona Mills 25 with IMAX
    Providence, RI || Providence Place 16 with IMAX
    Quebec City, QC || IMAX Le Theatre At Quebec
    Sacramento, CA || Esquire IMAX
    San Antonio, TX || IMAX at RiverCenter
    San Francisco, CA || Metreon 16 with IMAX & ETX
    Seattle, WA || Boeing IMAX – Pacific Science Center
    Tampa, FL || Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

  22. Cybergosh says:

    THANK YOU, George!

  23. Ken says:

    There is a “purpose-built” (the former definition that IMAX INC assigned to those theatres that were SPECIFICALLY designed for the original bigger IMAX screens in which the sound system, screen, and seating arrangement was built for the IMAX screen only) IMAX theatre in Portage, Indiana and Batavia, Illinois which I did not see on the list. The one In Portage, Indiana is only 6 or 7 years old. Not sure of the dimensions of the one in Portage but it rivals the one at Navy Pier. The one in Batavia seems the smallest out of the 5 “purpose-built” IMAX screens in the Chicago area, but it’s theatre structure was specifically built for all the original IMAX classification such as seating arrangement, acoustics, and screen size. So, the 5 purpose-built IMAX screens in Chicago area is Batavia, Il, Navy Pier, Lincolnshire, Il , Woodridge, Il, and Portage, Indiana.

  24. Jacob Shim says:

    Saw Spider Man 2 2 days ago at the counties “largest” IMAX at AMC Lincoln Square 13 and the screen was half the size. This is the second time I got screwed. I thought Divergent was half the size because it wasn’t true IMAX. Got burned again. Beware people, there are almost no more TRUE IMAX movies coming out besides Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”.

  25. -jon ^_^ says:

    I find it very fitting that I will see the last film shot in IMAX 70mm film, “Interstellar”, at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum, considering it’s subject matter.

  26. Omfg, thanks so much for posting this! It is going to aid me when I am thinking about going to Regal Spokane Valley 12 in Spokane! I am from Ottawa so I am not familiar with Spokane. Next time I visit my family will be so much better! Super Astonishing!

  27. Murali says:

    Springdale cinema deluxe in Cincinnati is not true imax.It is one of those multiplex imax or liemax as you would call

  28. Bruce says:

    The original IMAX Theatre at the Palisades Mall (West Nyack, NY) is closed and the new “IMAX” is a fauxMax/LieMax theatre within the movie complex. I saw Star Wars 3D there yesterday. A horrible experience. The screen was small, there was too much gratuitous ambient lighting and the seats are so close to the row in front of you that you can’t leave with out inconveniencing everyone in the row. I wound up sitting in an empty seat which was well,off-center seat so as not to climb over everyone on my way back and the 3-D effects were distorted and hard to notice compared to my reserved, but basically unreachable original seat. I won’t be back.

  29. Alan D Bauder says:

    I was under the impression that all these so called IMAX theaters were real. After watching a video on YouTube of a projectionist operating a real IMAX projector. Needless to say I was very impressed with the whole operation. Then I started doing more research to find out more. It turns out that most of the so called IMAX movies are completely or not at all in the IMAX format. It looks to me as a big money scheme to suck in the people unaware of the process. Most of the theaters are lieMAX. It’s sad that such a great format has been so badly handled, but then isn’t everything about the all mighty dollar. It’s similar to the way they have given us Ultra 4K Bluray movies. I turns out that all the CGI is done in 2K because of the expense of replacing all that older equipment. I don’t think I will purchase any more Ultra 4K Blurays. Also I will never go to another lieMAX theater. The nearest one to me is at the AMC in Center Valley,PA. I saw many lieMAX movies there and most times was very unimpressed. The nearest real IMAX theater to me is in King of Prussia,Pa about an hour plus drive. I need to check that out some time when all the planets align!

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