Meet ACE, Your New Starspeeder Pilot


AC-34, or ACE, and “Aly San San” have been officially revealed by Disney at their “Destination D” event today. Remember, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is actually a prequel to the Star Tours we all knew, which took place after Episode VI. Since ACE would be flying between the events of Episode III and IV, this droid is anywhere between 5 and 23 years prior to the manufacturing of REX. Which is kinda cool if it’s the latter being that it’s been 23 years since Star Tours first took flight! Anyway – what do you think of the look of our new pilot schedules to take us to multiple destinations next May?

Read on for more, and to meet another questionable new character from the future (or past) of Star Tours

From Disney Parks Blog: The existing Star Tours show we internally refer to as “6.5,” since it takes place time-wise after Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Story development for the new show began “a long time ago,” back in 1998, and a story treatment from that year carries the title “Episode 7 – A Star Tours Classic” – referring to the Boonta Classic race that was to be the main feature of the show.

But by the time Episode I hit the screens, we were all anxious to know what would surface in Episode III that we might build on for the show. Naturally, we were then curious how Episode III would complete the series. In the end, after numerous discussions, we decided to place our storyline between the two sets of Star Wars trilogies, giving the project the working title “Star Tours 3.5.”

AC-38 – ‘Ace’ for short – is one of the latest AC series Tour Droids piloting the Starspeeder 1000

This time period gave our show team the ability to tap into the very best of the Star Wars characters and adventures. But turning the clock back also required some interesting changes for the Star Tours show. The Starspeeder 3000 would need to be an earlier model, the Starspeeder 1000, with a new pilot (especially since Rex, the original pilot, opens the original show saying it’s his first flight!) {{<--- Cybergosh note: Nice try to make me feel better about the lack of Paul Reubens. This is a lame attempt. You guys are creative enough to have had him come back in an earlier incarnation with an altered voice if you really wanted him. I will never forgive you for this.}}

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Our design team created a new Tour Droid for the show, an AC Series pilot we dubbed “Ace,” with a personality as different from Rex as you can imagine.

We also created a new “spokesbot” for Star Tours, modeled after the WA-7 “Waitress Droid” from the Attack of the Clones. George Lucas suggested the name “Aly San San,” in reference to Allison Janney, the wonderful actress who provides the voice for this new character. {{<--- Cybergosh note: Final proof George is insane.}} We had a terrific time with Allison in the recording sessions for the show – she brought a lot of warmth and humor to the part.

More about today’s event HERE!


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