Last Tours To Endor: East & West – What You Need To Know!


As Star Tours prepares to close down for it’s long-planned major upgrade, there are two events being planned.

Walt Disney World is hosting their “Last Tour To Endor” event on Saturday, August 14th. This event occurs during Star Wares Celebration V and is a separate, ticketed event. Tickets are $75 and are available HERE. Technically though, this is not the very last tour. The actual last LAST tours depart September 7th. The event just falls a month prior as a Celebration V event. Still, the enthusiasm, excitement and nostalgia that will be found inside the Starspeeders on this night will be worth the price of admission.

“A one-of-a-kind entertainment experience — including specially-themed intergalactic party zones, Star Wars shows, a Death Star Disco and much more. The evening will culminate with Symphony in the Stars — a Star Wars fireworks spectacular as only Disney Parks can create. Though the party begins at 8:00pm, Last Tour ticket-holders will also be allowed early entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at 4:00pm — where they can be sure to secure a seat one of the StarSpeeder 3000’s final voyages! Last Tour to Endor is a ticketed event separate from Star Wars Celebration V.”

Click HERE to get yourself all set up.

Things are a little more intense in Anaheim. Disneyland has made the last public ride on the original 23 year old Starspeeders availible as a special event for D23 members. Regular guests of the park can have their last flights with Rex until 10pm. Then, only members in good standing of D23 get to take the last flights…

“You will arrive at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney for your pre-boarding gathering. Guests will check in and receive their commemorative boarding pass for their trip. All guests will receive a strand of intergalactic beads (by way of New Orleans!). Enjoy a galactic beverage while mingling with fellow D23 Members and the D23 Team. Once Disneyland has been cleared (for launch!), guests will be escorted into the park and directly into Star Tours. Bid C-3PO and R2-D2 a fond farewell as you walk past them in the pre-board area. After watching the classic 1987 safety video (love her hair!), you will enter one of the four Starspeeder 3000 vehicles where Captain Rex will welcome you one last time for your trip. We’d hope after all these flights, things will go smoothly but… we have a very bad feeling about this! After you have safely landed, guests will be escorted back out of the park, energized to relaunch in the fall of 2011 with Star Tours: The Adventures Continue!”

For more info, head over to the D23 site and sign up! I will be there. Will you be sitting next to me? Or will it be Teek, as usual?

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