Happy 25th, BTTF!


While today is the official 25th of the film’s release… Universal Studios will release a 25th Anniversary Back to the Future Trilogy Boxed Set on DVD – and for the very first time on Blu-ray Disc – Tuesday, October 26, 2010 — exactly twenty five years to the day since Marty McFly first sped off in Doc Brown’s suped-up DeLorean Time Machine in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall towards 1955!!

This highly anticipated 25th Anniversary collection features all-new restorations for enhanced picture quality and hours of bonus features including new interviews with the cast and crew.

Source = BTTF.com


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  1. Adam M says:

    It looks like they’ve really gone to town with the extras for this release, I’ll have to add it to the already very long list of box sets I want.