While today is the official 25th of the film’s release… Universal Studios will release a 25th Anniversary Back to the Future Trilogy Boxed Set on DVD – and for the very first time on Blu-ray Disc – Tuesday, October 26, 2010 — exactly twenty five years to the day since Marty McFly first sped off in Doc Brown’s suped-up DeLorean Time Machine in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall towards 1955!!

This highly anticipated 25th Anniversary collection features all-new restorations for enhanced picture quality and hours of bonus features including new interviews with the cast and crew.

Source = BTTF.com

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

One thought on “Happy 25th, BTTF!”
  1. It looks like they’ve really gone to town with the extras for this release, I’ll have to add it to the already very long list of box sets I want.

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