One Month ‘Til TRONicon


San Diego Comic-Con exclusives have begun to be revealed. Toy News International points us in the direction of Spin Masters’ two Tron Legacy exclusives set for this year’s Con…

A limited edition die-cast replica of Sam Flynn’s light cycle. 3000 pieces available and each one will retail for $5.

A static figure of Tron from the original Tron movie and it will come in a very cool-looking package made to look like the Tron arcade game. The figure has a light-up feature on the base that can be activated in or out of the arcade-style packaging. 1500 pieces and will retail for $40.

Source = Toy News International via Collider

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  1. Web Design Richardson Texas says:

    Yeah I just recently had a chance to see the trailer. It’s been years sense I saw the movie. but I remember it as a classic. Now year later they decided to create a new movie. I only have one thing to say. It look freekn cool!