Last Tour From Disneyland to Endor on July 27


Looks like we all have to make a trek to Disneyland right after comic-con this year. July 27th will be the last day we can pretend it’s 1987 and take a ride with Rex. But on the bright side, at least we can still deliver “the gift” with The Captain!…..

Disneyland’s Star Tours will shut down about three months earlier than scheduled so that workers can begin revamping the ride as a 3-D attraction, Disney announced today. Star Tours will close July 27 for a nearly year-long project. Originally, work was set to begin in October.

Jay Rasulo, then Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman, made the announcement, including the October date, about the major overhaul to the 1987 ride during the D23 Expo in September. Read a story about the Star Tours announcement. But Disney officials have since decided that they need more time to upgrade the “Star Wars”-based ride that simulates a journey through space. The ride will reopen in 2011.

“They want to take all the appropriate time to make it a really spectacular attraction,” said John McClintock, a Disneyland Resort spokesman.

In Star Tours, visitors sit in carriages that move from side to side and up and down, while a movie on a screen ahead makes riders feel like they are zooming through space in scenes from the “Star Wars” movies. The upgraded ride will be in 3-D and add new scenes, including the Podrace through the desert of Tatooine shown in “The Phantom Menace.”

Before the closure in Walt Disney World, the park is hosting a “Last Tour to Endor” on Aug. 14 to give visitors a last chance to get on the ride before the revamp. The tour is part of an annual Star Wars Celebration. The Disney’s Hollywood Studios ride is set to close Sept. 8.

Disneyland has not scheduled any special events tied to the upcoming closure, McClintock said.

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