Iron Man 2 Review – I’m Stark Raving Mad!


Iron Man 2 Disappointment

Actually, I wish I was mad, because then I’d have a real strong emotion after seeing Iron Man 2. Yet, after sitting through two hours and two and a half action scenes, I’m left kinda meh. I liked the first Iron Man, but didn’t love it the same way everyone else did. I thought Robert Downey Jr. was awesome, some action sequences exciting, but ultimately, the story lost steam and I didn’t care for Jeff Bridges channeling Hulk’s Nick Nolte in the last act. So what say me on Iron Man 2?

What I Liked:

– The Downey. Again, he shows why he was born to play Tony Stark. Lots of great one-liners, even if it’s a mostly one-dimensional character this go round.
– The score. Mucho better than the non-score from the first film. I don’t really like the work of the first composer (his name escapes me), he later tackled Clash of the Titans, another movie where I can’t identify any theme.
– One 30-second action sequence. Warmachine and Iron Man, really frickin’ awesome. If only it were longer.
– The after the credits scene. I wish I could have seen some Hulk, but this’ll do, pig. This’ll do.

What I Didn’t Like:

– The lack of action. There’s a whole lot of talking going on for most of the movie, and a lot of it is kinda boring. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish Nick Fury wasn’t in the film. I love Sam Jackson, but save it for Avengers.
– Jon Favreau. Are you a director or an actor? His brief cameo in Iron Man made me a little annoyed, but his full-fledged role in Iron Man 2 is ridiculous. Maybe if you weren’t so busy hamming it up on camera, you could have focused on making a decent movie?
– Don Cheadle. No, he’s fine. He’s just kinda nothing. He never gets an opportunity to show that he’s a much better actor than Terrance Howard. I did love his introduction, “yeah, it’s me. i’m here. get used to it” as if a nod to the audience.
– So much more like the story, the sub-plot with Stark’s dad (who has incredible uncanny foresight), anything with Sam Rockwell, but I can go on forever and must call it.

If you really want to see a quality “superhero” flick, go catch Kick-Ass. The action is better, the characters more developed and while the story’s a little lacking, at least there is no Pepper Pots.

Movies I Liked Better Than This:
– The Dark Knight
– Kick-Ass
– Avatar

Movies I Liked Less Than This:
– Transformers 2
– Clash of the Titans
– Shutter Island

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