Avatar Fans, Morph Yourself Into A Na’vi in Los Angeles

Avatar - The Grove display

To help promote the upcoming Blu-ray release of Avatar, The Grove LA mall has added a new free-standing structure that will morph the faces of shoppers into Na’vi. The “event” starts today and runs for a month, and we’ll be sure to get some of this in action.

“This is by far the most technologically ambitious project we’ve ever done and the first by our internal digital team. The morph is incredibly realistic because the end result retains many of the users’ facial characteristics. It goes well beyond augmented reality in that it isn’t simply superimposing imagery, it’s actually altering the underlying content in real-time,” said Jeff Cohen, Managing Partner of Inwindow Outdoor. “The success of Avatar called for an eye-popping exhibition that would be as engaging as the film and is bound to not only attract attention but draw in shoppers and drive sales of the Avatar release.”

The Avatar display is a 60’ x 10’ structure featuring three ‘morphing stations’ and one large-scale video wall surrounded by vinyl and branded in Avatar themes. As shoppers approach the screens, Inwindow’s technology captures their image and transforms them into a Na’vi. Once the morph is complete, users can enter their email address via touch-screen to be sent a video of their transformation along with information on where to purchase the Blu-ray disc.

2 Responses

  1. Jan Zands says:

    This was definitely a clever promotional campaign by the people behind Avatar. It could have been even more effective however. Here’s an article with some thoughts about this campaign and the future of advertising.


  2. Lawanda Albelo says:

    Hello, love the Shrek movies, super film!