Screw You


So let me get this straight,  Louis Leterrier.  You had me in your forgettable remake of Clash of the Titans only to make a snide comment about me, acting all above the original?   Sorry, am I missing something?  Outside of the special effects do you really think what you did there was so vastly superior?  You didn’t have a single scene that rivaled MY hero moment in defeating The Kraken.  You seemed to try to get all of the, what do you call it, oh right THE STORY out of the way with all that jumbled up exposition.  You updated Perseus’ crew with some new characters like the ethnic version of Merry and Pip, who should’ve earned a big cheer at the end, instead of oh Christ not these two again. You also had the Jin, looking like they wandered in from The Mummy.  But let’s not forget the snappy dialog, such as  “Let’s go kill this bitch.”  Ah, I see, pandering to the Step Up  3-D crowd, well done. 

You’re right, my version was just awful.  Thanks SO much for correcting it.  Why don’t you collaborate with Rob Zombie on your next film, since you boys are so gosh darn clever with your updates?   I know an original movie might be asking too much, but I’m sure nothing can stop you from royally f*cking up an old one.

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  1. Eros Welker says:

    Agreed! Bubo, you were the best part of the recent Clash btw. I wish you were really in it, instead of a point of mockery.