New ’70s Style Play Coming to Action Figures


Bif Bang Pow!Friend of the site, Bif Bang Pow! announced that it’s looking to bring back the original “’70s style” of play with a series of highly articulated 8-inch retro-style action figures around some really big brands. Each 8-inch scale figure will include real cloth clothing and plastic accessories. But enough about that, what exactly are we going to see figures from? Here’s the list:

The Twilight Zone
Flash Gordon
The Venture Bros.
Scott Ian from Anthrax
The Big Lebowski

The Venture Bros.

Fans of The Venture Bros., which sadly I’ve yet to get into but will this year, should be more than happy with those character depictions. According to creator Jackson Publick, the upcoming figures are “very impressive and extremely faithful to the characters, while also finding a very comfortable middle ground between 2-D and 3-D design. Brock, especially, is going to make the fanboys crap themselves.”

And the best part? While each figure lives in its own world, they all exist in the same universe, as summarized by Jason “Avatarfan001” Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow!, “For the first time in Bif Bang Pow! history, all of our licenses will be living in the same universe. So if you’ve always wanted Dr. Girlfriend to seduce Dexter Morgan, or for Ming the Merciless to fight The Dude, now’s your chance!”

More will be known soon, hopefully, and definitely at this year’s San Diego ComicCon. For now, check out Bif Bang Pow!’s line-up of collectibles and figures here.


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