Fly a UFO with an iPhone


Holy cow. The iPhone just became a must-have phone, and this is the next must-have app… if you have about $500 to spare. The app turns your phone into a remote control, which pilots a flying drone that can be used to play games, spy on the neighbors or a million other things that keep springing to mind. Due to be officially unveiled at CES 2010, look for the Parrot ARDrone sometime this summer. For now, check out this video:


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1 Response

  1. Donk Land Cruiser says:

    I dunno, I wish they’d made it look cooler, I’m ignorant maybe its modeled after some type of real flying thing, but to me it looks like it should have muffins or to go cups from Starbucks in it.
    Can we talk about how Good Riddance Michael Jackson just won’t stop? It. Just. Won’t. Stop. Is it sad that I’m dissappointed when a day goes by that there’s not a new pissy comment from the likes of someone named Ra’$$ Roc?