The Return of Harold Faltermeyer?!

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Kevin Smith might be loved by some and hated by others – but no one can argue that his possible resurrection of Harold Faltermeyer is anything less than awesome…

Kevin Smith is looking for a little ’80s sound to go with his throwback buddy cop movie A Couple of Dicks. And according to Empire, he has the ultimate 1980s composer in mind.

“As I’m putting the flick together, I see it as a real throwback to the 80s buddy cop genre. So I’m putting some music on this scene, see if it works. I take this piece from Fletch, which I’ve always loved, and it works. Now I take this piece of music from Beverly Hills Cop, and it plays the comedy well. It plays the action well. And, after doing those temp cues, I said to a few people, ‘is it crazy to see if Harold Faltermeyer will want to score this movie?'”

The name might immediately roll off the tongue, but I bet his work will be (excuse the pun) music to your ears. He was THE man who scored Fletch, Beverly Hills Cop and Top Gun among many others. His sound is almost ubiquitous with ’80s action and cop movies.

Harold Faltermeyer hasn’t scored a movie in over 10 years, but according to the article and Smith himself, Faltermeyer is interested in getting back into the game and will watch A Couple of Dicks soon and decide. But, Smith warns that Faltermeyer’s desire to do the soundtrack might not be enough.

“What I’m looking for is that old Harold Faltermeyer sound that I grew up on. If he’s moved on from that sound, I’ll respect that. I’ll go get a Casio and f*** it up myself!”