Avatar & Delgo Sitting In An Irredescent Tree…


I had heard about these comparisons, but ignored them because I’ve been annoyed at the level of assholeness out there towards Avatar. Yes, while it’s true the trailer and 16 minutes of Avatar Day failed to give me AweJaw – it doesn’t change the fact that I am excited. Excited just to have a new Cameron film and excited about Sigourney being in a new Cameron film. Excited about the advancement of this technology.

Why are people so cynical? Does it give them some sort of elitist sense of power? I’m not sure I get it. I mean the guy has NEVER failed us. He gave us films that are on everyone’s favorites-of-all-time lists. How dare anyone doubt him.

That said, these side by side comparisons to Delgo are pretty wild. But here’s the thing – Why is everyone knocking Delgo? No one is taking into account that Delgo might actually be really cool. I mean, has anyone really actualy seen Delgo?!

Anyway, as for me, I have faith. I have a feeling the Avatar day clips may work better IN CONTEXT rather than just randomly being thrust into new sequence after new sequence. So I’m not really worried about that.

My only concern is the CHARACTERS. Zoe Saldana and her Na’vi accent make that annoying voodoo chick in Pirates 2 & 3 look wonderful. And Worthington in both human and Na’vi form has about as much likability as my taint. Then again, an IMAX taint would be pretty amazing to behold, gay or not. So maybe Jim is on to something here.

As for those cynics, being that most of the folks picked up their special advance tickets for the midnight show on December 17th while they attended Avatar Day, it really doesn’t matter in the end, does it? How cool is it that they sold tickets 4 months in advance? I don’t remember any film doing anything like that. That alone should be being hailed as awesome.

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