Avatar Is Starting To Piss Me Off



Yes. You read that right. The film I have been waiting more than a decade for, today, has finally pissed me off. And it has nothing to do with Monday and Tuesday’s whole ticket debacle. Luckily, that all worked out for us here at EG and, aside from Tuesday’s snag of having to RE-register for confirmation codes we already received – we were finally all set for the mass unveiling of Cameron’s secret footage – rumored to be somewhat different than that shown to the 6000 fans in Hall H at SDCC last month.

Only hours away from our first (or second for comicconners) visit to the technologically groundbreaking new world of Pandora revealed for the first time in a groundbreaking way to witness it for the first time – in IMAX 3D, with fellow enthusiastic fans across the country.

Or not.

This morning, FOX released the first official teaser trailer for AVATAR. Online.


Are all of you out there so blinded by the fact that there’s finally something official to watch to realize how fucked up this is? Is it just me, or is the the MOST fucked up move in the history of film marketing???!!!!

That’s like Wonka hyping up the Chocolate Factory tour and then releasing footage from inside of it on TV the day before the tour!!

I’m just so annoyed by this. I don’t wanna meet the fucking Na’vi on my small MacBook screen, goddamnit!!! I mean are you seriously watching this!!!???? Why does it seem that nothing these days is ever done correctly? Something so special, so right – fucked up in the final hours. The whole point, or so I thought, was to unveil a special event motion picture experience in a way no one in the history of film has ever done before. A film too big for a mere trailer. A FIFTEEN minute taste of what it will be like to witness the next level of filmmaking AND film watching come December 17th at Midnight. And a way to send all of us fans out into the wild to generate a word-of-mouth hype and buzz that no studio marketing department could ever achieve. Then – THEN – release a trailer for the masses. AFTER the specialness of the event. ONE lousy day is all you had to wait.

Instead, I am forced to sit here all day avoiding a link to the damn thing on Apple Movie Trailers and every other damned film site in between. Well, not this one. EG is waiting until tomorrow night to post this ridiculousness. When it should have debuted online in the first place.

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3 Responses

  1. mdhuff says:

    So… what did you think of the actual 20 minutes?

  2. Cybergosh says:

    UPDATE =

    James Cameron himself wasn’t happy that the Avatar online trailer preceded the Avatar Day IMAX 3-D screenings on Friday. The reason that happened, according to Fox, is that the trailer went out at the same time as the first 10 AM screenings in New Zealand on the other side of the world. It was a synchronous global release. The Apple site was so overwhelmed with clicks that it crashed at first. More than 4 million people streamed the Avatar trailer on that first day, breaking the prior record of 1.7 million set by Star Trek. So that was good news for Fox. Curiosity was high.

    And many people went to see the 16 minutes of footage assembled by Cameron for Avatar Day—-designed to show exactly what the immersive huge-screen 3-D experience would be like. Now, most of my friends—clearly not the target audience—didn’t bother to check it out. And the theater I went to, The Bridge (which has a proper IMAX screen) was not packed. (There was another later show.) Some people weren’t able to get in to their local cinemas, though. (UPDATE: Fox asserts that “reservations for all showings were completely booked.” And Variety reports that Cameron slipped into the Bridge cinema Friday night.)

    SOURCE = http://blogs.indiewire.com/thompsononhollywood/2009/08/22/avatar_day/

  3. thumper1 says:

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