Spend Some Quality Time With 1978 Shatner


The Shat

One of my favorite sites, Way Out Junk, has a real treat available for download.

“This two record set features William Shatner speaking at Hofstra University sometime around 1978. For those of you who like to hear the Shat Man do dramatic soliloquies, you’ll be happy to hear him perform pieces from “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “War of the Worlds”, and others. For those who want tidbits for the (at the time) upcoming movie, you’ve got that here too, even talking about why Leonard Nimoy was holding out for more money. (If I remember right, Shatner said the budget for the upcoming “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was around $8 million. It turns out that, according to the IMDB, it was really around $35 million.) And if you want some stories about how Star Trek changed his life, you’ve got that as well.”

(And yes, the cover photo shows him menacing some off-camera alien with an upside down camera tripod!)

SOURCE = Way Out Junk