The Blue Dingus Rises Over All Others

this is who watches the watchmen!

Quick Initial 4am Facts:
– I’m not a Watchmen Graphic Novel fan – I never read it.
– I’ve never been a Zack Snyder fan.
Watchmen, the film, exceeds all expectations on all levels.
– More than just the visual masterpiece we knew it would be…becomes that rare entity that is not merely a movie. A multi-layered experience unlike anything else that ever was and ever will be in this genre.
– Every shot should be printed out, framed and hung up around your house.

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No Responses to “The Blue Dingus Rises Over All Others”

  1. shanty Irish says:

    Too long.  Didn’t dig it .  Sorry. 

    Before you send hate mail I DID like the Dark Knight if that keeps me in the club.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Not only out of MY club but buried in a shallow grave underneath it. 

    Snyder breaks the spell that everyone’s been under since July.  I honestly believe people who were under the impression Dark Knight was a good film will walk out of Watchmen scratching their heads muttering to themselves, “Damn….Nolan IS a hack piece of shit – what was i thinkin’?!?!”

  3. Shanty Irish says:

    “Hack piece of shit”, ok, your mom.  Sorry Momento and The Prestige actually told stories as opposed to one scene after another with characters I couldn’t give less than a f*ck about. You and your Mexican Wrestler friend there can keep your little club.

  4. Eros Welker says:

    All I know is that I haven’t seen that much cock since grade school.

  5. cybergosh says:

    My final word on the 2 nolanbats.  i promise.  after this my opinion will be retired….

    After my second watchmen viewing i have come to form this opinion:

    Nolan = Mola Ram

    The Dark Knight = The Blood of Kali

    People who like Dark Knight = Indy (after consuming The Blood)

    Snyder = Short Round

    Watchmen = The fire on the torch shoved in your face snapping you out of it!