Virgin Megastore will close its stores around the nation by this summer, including one at Downtown Disney West Side. The company had previously announced plans to close a store in San Francisco and two in New York City. A company spokeswoman confirmed Monday that all six, including stores in Denver and Hollywood, Calif., will close.

This sucks. Sure, you’d never buy an overpriced CD there, but Virgin was more than that. A place for when Tuesday’s new DVD release just couldn’t wait – and Monday midnight was the only option. A place where I watched Duran Duran perform. Where I got to come face to face with Tim Burton. Where Micheal Jackson smeared my hand. Circuit City and KB were upsetting, but losing Virgin, that makes me sad.

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3 thoughts on “Virgin Gets Popped”
  1. As much as I hate for people to lose their jobs these days, I hate Circuit City.  What a piece of crap that chain was.

    I don’t feel the same about Virgin, but I rarely bought anything there so I’m not entirely surprised.

  2. ..yeah, but sooooooo awesome when it came to returns.  I guess my kind had a small part to play in this outcome.

  3. This is another crumbling of the big record labels.  Sure, the recession also has something to do with it.  Perhaps the green-movement to reduce plastic has a small thing to it, too. 

    The whole reason why you had all of those musicians come through that store WAS for you to eventually end up buying a CD – either out of obligation or because of their heavy marketing.  The old music business model is crumbling and a new day has already started.



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