Cybergosh Must Have Officially Given Up On Life


Because He did not tell me anything about THIS:


ONLY TEN BUCKS (smart pricing, Lucas) – just click on the pic to buy your copy.

To be fair, I DID find out about this from Chris, only indirectly – because I saw the little FB link on his page that he commented on an article about this DVD on Aint It cool. But I am shocked and dismayed that I did not receive a phone call in the middle of the night, nor was there a post on EG (That I’m aware of.)

We should be partying in the streets.

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No Responses

  1. Junktape says:

    To be fair, Cybergosh claims this was on his UGO blog, and I guess I’ve been outed as someone that, for all my love of the ‘gosh, did not keep up with his UGO bloggins.  Still, I think something of this magnitude warranted a scream from the hilltops, not a whisper from the valleys…..  wink

    Still would not know if not for you, CB.  Did you get the BTTF discs?  I decided not to.  Like the Indy discs, I will wait for a box.

  2. cybergosh says:

    Apologies – while it is true i’ve been in a secluded spaceship in the outer rim of of darkness and dispair, it is still no excuse for me to not have posted when this news broke.  It is truly the greatest dvd release news of this or any other year. 

    I know Eros will balk at the non-blu-ray-ness, but beggers cannot be choosers and we should be happy this has finally come to pass in the US.

    Besides, HOWARD is worthy enough for all of us to own BOTH dvd AND blu-ray when its eventually released.

    BTTF’s were purchased on the day the came out with the limited edition Best Buy film frames.  I managed to get $18 bucks for my old set on ebay to put toward the cost.  At 15 a pop, these new editions are WELL worth it.  If youre going to wait – i HIGHLY suggest you at least buy the first one – the RIDE segments make it worth the price alone.  The actual ride is presented in a never-before-seen format where you are able to be “inside” the 8-passenger delorean and are able to watch the goings-ons inside as well as out.

    Stop being responsible and go to Best Buy NOW!!!!!

  3. junky says:

    Could you tell me what other special stuff the new releases have that the previous box set did not?  I’ll probably pick up BTTF eventually for the ride footage (waiting for a price drop) but I was unclear what else was new on this or the other two discs…

  4. Cybergosh says:

    The BTTF’s are on sale for 9.99 each this week at Best Buy.  Why they werent on sale the week they were released is beyond me.  But I’m not too upset, these were worth the 14.99 each i paid for them.  Still – grab BTTF now for 10 bucks and RIDE it!