I Guess I Care About T: Salvation Now



Danny Elfman is doing the score for Terminator: Salvation. Wait, actually – the more this digests, the more i STILL really, really do not care about McG’s Terminator. As much as I’ll see anything Elfman is involved with, this is the one film he should not be scoring. Where the hell is Brad Fiedel!?!?! There are only three Terminator films. 1984’s The Terminator. 1991’s “T2” and 1996’s “T23D: Battle Across Time.”

“I just started yesterday,” Elfman told MTV News from the red carpet of the Critics’ Choice Awards. The Academy Award nominated composer indicated that the original “Terminator” theme by composer Brad Fiedel was not in use yet; nor is there mandate to incorporate the classic symphonic hook. He did, however, leave the door open for its appearance.

“I think if it comes up and it seems appropriate, we will [use it],” Elman said. “And if it doesn’t, we [won’t]. I never really know what to expect when I begin other than just kind of get into it and have fun. Especially a movie like “T4” – just have fun. So that’s what I intend to do.”

Full story at MTV.


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  1. Roger says:

    Yeah, because a story about humans fighting machines really needs that oompa loompa music that Elfman is known for.

  2. Shanty Irish says:

    Elfman can do anything he wants.  Including your mom.

  3. maobff says: