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I wasn’t sure about Primeval because I was so sick of seeing the preview while suffering through the increasingly irritating Regal First Look. (“We went behind the scenes with American Gladiators…”) Shut. Up. Start. The. Movie.

But I caught up with it this weekend and found it to be entertaining and clever. (though not quite as clever as I expected, being it was from the Brits and all…oh well, I got served by stereotyping again, just like when I cheated off Suzi Chan in Algebra and wound up with a 67 and a “WHAT HAPPENED?” scrawled in red…) Anyway, its clever enough, it has dinosaurs, and it follows the Deep Blue Sea can’t miss casting rules of a great looking leading man and a woman who runs around in her underwear. There’s a marathon on BBC America August 31st, 4pm EST, if you need an excuse to avoid the family barbecue and hearing the dreaded “so, you working?”