Why I May Die In August AKA Disaster Movie Trailer


Ye olde rockthefaces put it best: “Now they’re just lifting lines from other movies entirely (the whole “Was that your foot?” thing).” Sigh. Soon these movies will come out the day the movie they’re spoofing debuts (“HULK Movie”).


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  1. Junktape says:

    eff this shite

  2. rockthefaces says:

    I’m stunned they’re referencing Hancock. I mean, Hancock will have been out by the time this arrives in August, but it certainly wasn’t out when they were writing and shooting the film. How the hell do they even know what they’re spoofing? Maybe they have a time machine.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hancock spoof is exactly what we see in the trailer and nothing more.  That’s why it’s easy enough for them to do, since that trailer’s been out a while and that scene probably took half a day to shoot. 

    And thus, an unfunny parody is born!

  4. junky says:

    I had the opportunity to write on SPORTS MOVIE or whatever it was called and the rough draft made me sick.  Yes, based on my phone calls with them, they said to just parody trailer shots.  At the time they were parodying THE VILLAGE and other stuff that hadn’t come out yet.  They just spoof the most base possible thing so it’s not like they need to know what Hanccock is about in order to make a dick joke about it, lol.

    This shit makes my everything bleed.