The Other Five Rejected Indy Titles


You know, I never really liked “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Then again, I still don’t like The Phantom Menace, but I guess that all is what it is. However, way back when, Lucas was toying with a couple of different titles (caution, here there be spoilers).

1) Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds. Really? This seems a little too much for what actually the movie is about. Maybe if Galactus was going to show up.

2) Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth. I’m blanking on where Raiders was supposed to have taken place, but if I had to guess, I’d assume South America, which would make this title silly because he’s already been there.

3) Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant. This is a little misleading, especially since in the movie, the only Covenant we get is the Ark, which is glimpsed briefly on the way out for Indy. Unless the aliens are the Covenant, in which case, we better hope the Master Chief shows up soon.

4) Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold. I like this title… if there wasn’t already a movie called Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold from back in the ’80s. Then again, there’s a movie called Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, so maybe it just don’t matter.

and 5th) Indiana Jones and the City of Gods (or City of the Gods). I like this one the best, because it’s true, it’s accurate, and it would have put a slightly more religious spin on the title, which would have helped set the tone a little better. I think I can say I would have liked the movie a little better if that were the title.

However, it begs the question, why pick “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?” Is it about being unique? Or weird enough to catch-on? Or was it to help Drew Struzan design a poster? Discuss!

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  1. Fat Ass says:

    Where’d you get these? I’ve heard “Saucer Men from Mars” a lot. And I could be wrong, but I thought “Destroyer of Worlds” was a comic. I suppose I could Google, but meh.

    Don’t love any of these titles. I guess Saucer Men would have given too much away, but it was my favorite of these, including KOTCS

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I thought Saucer Men of Mars was rejected out of hand by Koepp way in the beginning?  These were titles that were registered with the MPAA or signed up as domains way back when.

  3. Mdhuff says:

    Yeah, I read in an in an interview in Writers Quarterly w the guild, Koepp said he and Spielberg had an intervention to talk Lucas out of the “Saucer Men…” title.

    Also, that’s so funny they were considering “Four Corners of the Earth” when for this movie (unlike the other three) they never left the USA.

  4. mdhuff says:

    What I mean is, the PRODUCTION never left the USA, where the production of the other films was all over the world.

  5. cybergosh says:

    Saucer Men from Mars was a rejected Jeb Stuart attempt in the early 90’s i believe.  I love how indy name checks it in the tent!

    And Spalko drops “Destroyer of Worlds” – there’s a whole other subtext to that tent scene for those of us aware of the Lost Drafts!!

    I love KOTCS and think it the best of the lot.  I love it so much.  Crystal Skulls will save me.

    And btw, this is the first time i am looking at the new EG.  Yes.  I like.